Monday, November 04, 2013

Update on the tennis courts at Denman Street

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Here's an update on our tennis courts saga. After several protests from us - via the media etc. and especially the good guys at Williamstown, the committee of the Uniting Church Synod re property sales, decided to no longer be faceless men and women and to confront the various congregations who are unhappy. A group came down to us in Geelong East last week and heard a new updated presentation by George and others at St Andrews church. They were each given A4 booklets with lots of material. The visitors were very polite and seemed to be sympathetic. So, will it change their decision as the debt is still hovering like a black cloud? We will wait and see. Also, in this month's Crosslight, the Victorian Uniting Church magazine, there are articles and photos of the Williamstown St Stephens church which was targeted. They had an ABC TV segment recently also. Though some articles in Crosslight were showing another view - of acceptance of the sales. I was a bit surprised though with a statement from a Presbytery Officer who re-defined 'consultation' as NOT talking with the people of each particular faith community but chosen people made the decisions second hand. Things are hotting up as Williamstown people have a retired judge in their midst who is sending an affidadit (is that what it is) to a court - that the decision is not 'natural justice' and that the process was flawed. Right on there! Meanwhile the adults and kids play on the tennis courts at Denman Street nearly every day of the week.

The photo is of Mary and one of the memorial windows at St Stephens Williamstown. They were told (in the Uniting Church website Uniting our Future ask us a question) that windows and all have to go.


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