Monday, October 21, 2013

In the present tense - and the Uniting Church

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Still feeling like the Titanic heading for the iceberg.

In the present tense

I picked up my copy of Anna Funder’s ‘All that I am’ at the library, and glanced towards J. sitting at a computer - lively bushfires, seeping floods, the money-changers, moving quickly across the screen. I caught his attention and he removed the headphones.  I hissed, ‘Why aren’t all of us protesting? Why the silence? Don’t you remember those earlier years when many of us were not silent about injustice. It’s  a free world surely for speaking up against this abomination that affects our church.’  He laughed and said quietly, ‘Yes it’s a free world. To be silent too.’  He turned back to the screen, world news just time-filling. I stomped out from the library and spent the day reading about an abominable dictator in Europe.


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