Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Still protesting about Geelong East tennis courts

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I just wonder how to keep up the momentum of protesting about the Melbourne base Uniting Church bosses plan to sell our local tennis courts at 39 Denman Street..  The audience of my writing doesn't have the power to change much; the city guys probably aren't listening or looking. Anyway here is a letter to the editor of the Geelong Advertiser that was published recently, and in yesterday's paper was a follow-up article by a journalist. The photographer had taken a photo of children and younger adults playing but decided that Neil, the lynch-pin of the club, was worthy of a photo. It was taken on his 83rd birthday this week. I am mainly protesting on his behalf as tennis and his St Andrew's church are so important to his life, his sense of identity and both have been seriously challenged. On of the criteria for putting this land up for sale is that it is worth more than $1, but it is not. A real estate estimation a year ago was about $500,000, and another estimate, just this week, was it was worth no more than $700,000.  My wish is for the 'authorities' in Melbourne to delete it from their list!

Our Guesstimate:
$450,500 to $572,500


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