Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Paintings in Union Street Geelong

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This morning I was in the city and noticed the wonderful paintings high on the walls in Union Street. Graffiti over the years can been indifferent in quality but this time they are very good pictures. Not long ago the space below had a kind of 'bucket list' for young people to sign on. I didn't take my camera this morning but I did find some pictures on the web.

Union Street aerosol art mural
Monday, 15 April 2013 8:38 AM Media Releases
As part of the City of Greater Geelong’s award winning graffiti strategy Rapid Removal, Policing and Prevention, the City Aerosol Network is recreating the Union Street art mural.

Community Safety, Education & Youth Portfolio Councillor Jan Farrell expects the mural to be as striking as the previous work of art.

“We have some very talented artists in the City Aerosol Network and it’s great that we can give them such a large, high profile canvas as Union Street to work with”, said Cr Farrell.

“Two lead artists Cam and Paul have been working with a trainee lead artist and a group of 25 young people to create their interpretation of a tongue in cheek look at time and space”.

“Visual thoughts about time and space are being created in caves under a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex who is racing through the four elements of fire, wind, earth and water”, said Cr Farrell.

“The City Aerosol Network has long been part of our Graffiti Strategy.”

 It’s a very worthwhile program that provides young local artists with workshops, training and support – as well as the opportunity to contribute to permanent murals around the city such as Union Street.”

“One of the great benefits of the program is it reduces Geelong’s illegal graffiti’ said Cr Farrell.


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