Saturday, June 15, 2013

The scattering of ashes

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A gathering of Collins family and others at Bacchus Marsh today scattered ashes beneath a rose bush in memory of Mary Collins who died nearly a year ago but it was 100 years since her birth on 14th June. Afterwards we caught up with family news as we shared a meal at the Golf Club Restaurant. It was especially nice to meet up with cousins from distant places especially Lynden and Les from Buderim.  The following words were used in the small ceremony at the Bacchus Marsh cemetery - the words adapted from some lines found on the internet. Most poems I looked up were quite unsuitable. Someone needs to write some contemporary texts that suit such as occasion.
To the four winds on this very special ground,
we think again of our dear Aunt Mary,
what she has  meant and means to us. amid these surroundings,
We cast these ashes back to the gentle earth,
which has been the chief support of humankind,
since first they walked beneath the sun.
The soil has ever provided the sustenance that is the staff of life.
We now commit the ashes to help a rose bush flourish.
.To the air that now lifts our spirits and takes away our grief,
to be replaced with fond memories
and a hope that there are more surprises to come.


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