Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Poll on politics in Geelong

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Reading from the Geelong Advertiser on-line this morning, there is a  surprise that the Liberal vote may be very strong. Corio is (maybe) still a safe Labour seat, though this poll indicates otherwise. Corangamite is (maybe) a safe Liberal seat but that didn't work out last time round.  Time will tell what is the true voting intention.

Libs challenging in Corio, Addy poll shows

RETURNING Prime Minister Kevin Rudd faces a tough task to turn around what is predicted to be a looming Labor wipeout in the Geelong region.
An exclusive Geelong Advertiser poll has found the Liberal Party holds election-winning leads not only in the marginal seat of Corangamite but also the safe Labor seat of Corio.
Disturbingly for Mr Rudd, nearly one in five voters in the region consider themselves as former Labor voters turned Liberal.
The survey, which was run online as well as in the Geelong Advertiser in the past week, prior to last night's sensational Labor leadership spill, attracted in excess of 800 responses.
While regarded as a less accurate 'self-selected' poll rather than a true random poll, the amount of responses gives a good insight into the key issues and the intentions of voters in the region.
Mr Rudd was rated as Labor's preferred leader, with more than 53 per cent support, but interestingly, two-thirds of those who intend to vote Labor would rather former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.


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