Thursday, June 06, 2013

Media scrum greets Rudd in Geelong

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Now I'm not the one for following one political party but I couldn't resist my curiosity as a cat brain to go to Diversitat this morning. Just look at the media scrum! What is going on?

The answer? We did have a big crowd for a visit to Diversitat (migrant resource centre/ethnic communities council - where Peceli and I are members, representing the Fiji Geelong Friendship Club) of three politicians, one a former PM, his white hair conspicuous amidst the other men with sleek black. He certainly is a gifted speaker, very positive, no notes, and inclusive, very warm towards the migrant groups represented today. Question time: I had a good question but didn't get to use it. If the ethic 'love your neighbour' informs your decisions, what about Nauru, Manus Island, and the hundreds of asylum seekers now in Geelong who are not allowed to work? There was too much upbeat talk even justifying debt to save the country from what's happened in Europe etc. Peceli didn't attend, didn't want to be hugged in a photo opportunity, but Asenate was there and got a hug and was in some of my pics. I loved the bit when the Afghan women started hollering.

Why is he here? The seats of Corangamite and Corio need a bit of leg up - both Labour now, but could swing wildly come September. Okay a muddled metaphor, legs swinging wildly!

From Geelong Advertiser;  Mr Rudd raised eyebrows when he used a curious analogy to illustrate national debt to a room full of migrants.
Painting national debt in terms of ``your own home economy'',  Mr Rudd asked the mostly Karen,  African and Iranian migrants to imagine having a  $100,000 income and only an $11,000 debt.


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