Monday, January 21, 2013

Kangaroos in the suburb

from w, from today's Geelong Advertiser.
Why are the kangaroos coming to town instead of staying in the back paddocks or out in the bush? It's urban development I suppose, so many housing developments where there once was just grassy land.

Rescue operation as roos take refuge in the suburbs

HOPPING MAD: The wallaby that jumped into Sue Kelly's Grovedale back yard. Photo: SUE KELLY.
GEELONG wildlife rescuers are responding to up to 30 sightings of kangaroos and wallabies on the hop in suburban streets each week.
While Grovedale and Waurn Ponds are hot spots, the bouncing macropods are frequently being removed from areas across the city, including the CBD.
Grovedale resident Sue Kelly and her pet labrador were taken by surprise when a wallaby hopped over a fence into their Burke Court back yard yesterday morning.
"I heard this noise that sounded like someone was dragging a foam surfboard though the yard," she said.
Leopold Wildlife Shelter and Wildlife Rescue owner David Burrell said there had been five further sightings of the wallaby after it made an escape over Mrs Kelly's fence and down the road. At least one wallaby or kangaroo was being removed from the Geelong area each day, many having become displaced due to urban development.
"They like to come out at night and they can hide out for years in town without being noticed, eating from gardens," he said.

"We've removed them from Ryrie and Moorabool streets and we've had a couple at Geelong station lately."
Mr Burrell said the animals had also been known to jump off piers into Corio bay when pursued, swimming for up to an hour before coming back to land.
After being caught by hand, they are transported to the You Yangs or Anglesea bushlands.
Anyone with a wallaby or kangaroo in their yard or street should call Leopold Wildlife Shelter and Wildlife Rescue on 0409 002 258


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