Monday, January 14, 2013

Recycling books

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Though our house is full of books, in the lounge room, in the computer room, in the passage, there is always a compulsion to collect more! On Sunday at Altona Meadows/Laverton Uniting Church where we have a Fijian service, someone had kindly spread scores of books on a table for people to take and give a donation to the Uniting Church welfare program. I couldn't resist. They were various kinds of theological books donated from elderly clergy I expect. So this was a precious find, so now I am delving into them. Some are dated but interesting take on women in the priesthood - what people thought in the 80s which is now a 'taken for granted' right for women to be ministers. Others were just beautiful books - on icons or hymns with fine illustrations.  Some I can pass on to our Worship committee in East Geelong.


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