Friday, January 18, 2013

Favourite animal, favourite movie

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If I was asked - 'What is your favourite animal?' I would immediately respond, 'The tiger!'  (The picture below is from National Geographic.) But if someone asked 'What is your favourite movie?' I couldn't pick one. I'd have to name dozens - not all brilliant, but for me they were memorable for some reason or another. Not much fantasy there, mostly romantic drama. Something where the life of the hero or heroine mattered. Not many of them end up happily either.  Perhaps 'Diva' is first - the operatic music is fabulous, and the simple story of a young man obsessed with a singer just works well. 'Black Orpheus'  - again it is the music. 'Death in Venice' - strange and set in Venice and also the music.

Diva                             East of Eden                          Death in Venice
Wizard of Oz               The Bodyguard                      Gone with the Wind
Shawshank Redemption                  Black Orpheus                Roman Holiday
Doctor Zhivago               Dirty Rotten Scoundrels                 American in Paris
Ryan’s Daughter                           The Piano                    North by Northwest
Sound of Music                      Forrest Gump                 The Year of Living Dangerously
The quiet American               The Green Mile                   Rebecca
Island in the Sun                    Ruthless people              To kill a mockingbird                
Coming to America              Dead Poet’s Society                 Shrek
Guess who’s coming to dinner       African Queen             Gandhi
The Constant Gardener              Slumdog Millionaire             


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