Sunday, January 13, 2013

Playing music for the legal fraternity

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I was a bit intimidated by the legal fraternity, some dressed in wigs and all, several clergy in white albs, an acapella choir dressed in black, a harpist, when I had to play the St Andrews Uniting Church pipe organ this morning for the commencement of the Legal Year with an ecumenical service.  However it was a lovely service with fine words about justice. The acapella group sang a song that was 400 years old, and my playing was serviceable until I started enjoying myself and pulled out a Full Organ stop for the last verse of the 23rd Psalm and for the Saint Saens - a bit from his organ concerto but a more modern reggae version called 'If I had the words'..  I haven't played that Fincham organ for several years so was a bit worried about which stops to use. Going early to practice however didn't really work out as the acapella singing group took most of the half-hour for their practice as their leader had come down from Melbourne and wanted it all perfect. Anyway I earned my cup of coffee this morning and was able to catch up with some friends from St Andrews too.!

I wrote an irreverent short story about a pipe organist and it's on this blog. Go to


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