Monday, October 01, 2012

Ducks in back yards

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What a pleasure to read a good news story in the Geelong Advertiser instead of the horror stories that fill our newspapers or media. Ducks in backyards.

Sounds quackers, but it fits the bill

WELCOME GUESTS: Baby ducklings have found a new home in the backyard of an Autumn St home in Belmont. Photos: GLENN FERGUSON
WHEN Belmont's Ben Alexander woke to the scratching of little feet at the quack of dawn yesterday, he was gobsmacked by what he found.
Mr Alexander said a mother duck and her nine ducklings had made their home in his backyard after an unusual entrance into the world.
"Dad had said earlier in the week that he'd seen a duck flying in and out of the big palm tree in the backyard. They must have made a nest," he said.
"When I woke up, I heard rattling on the roof and walked outside to see the mother duck and her ducklings drop on to the roof, slide into the gutter then jump off on to a hay bale, before making it to the ground - all nine of them.
"You had to see it to believe it."
Mr Alexander said the family would keep their newfound members safe until they were ready to leave.
"We've made a little pond for them to swim in, so I think they'll stay for a while," he said.
Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary owner Tehree Gordon said the sanctuary had had 30-40 calls 30 40 people in the past six weeks from people who'd discovered ducks in their backyards.
"People should leave them alone as they'll disappear in a couple of days' time. If you try to catch them, the mum will take off," she said.
"They nest where they know they're safe."
Anyone with concerns or questions can contact Jirrahlinga on 5254 2484.


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