Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home sweet home

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I've been thinking of houses/homes a bit as we do visit families for a variety of reasons, church, bereavement, relatives, so I've put some pictures together. One is of my parent's home in Swan Hill when I visited, one is of 'our' current home which is on the internet with an estimated value of between $288,000 and $300,000 put on it. What a cheek to do that! A townhouse in South Yarra where we were last week. A house like that of some church friends in Wyndam Vale - these styles rather minimalist and without colour, terraces in style of 1880s, a near neighbour's house after a gale, a gentrified older house, an old boom style cottage. For everyone I guess a building can be 'home' but I really only can stand a large block with a garden and not a unit or townhouse shoulder to shoulder with a neighbour..


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