Sunday, September 23, 2012

House on the hill

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Yesterday Peceli and I drove to Kyneton - two hours away - to inspect the Campaspe Downs camp/conference site as a possibility for a national conference coming up in 2014.  It is a splendid site, the facilities tidy and excellent for adults and youth alike. We drove via Bacchus Marsh and Gisborne. The day was sunny and perfect for enjoying the varying landscape - the wattles in bloom, the growth of forests after bushfires, the glowing golden canola fields, the escarpments and forested hills.  Here is one photo I took on the way back and I wonder how people can live on top of a hill like this. The view is magnificient of course but at times it surely must get windy!


Blogger annie said...

I would love to camp here, Wendy. So peaceful... But I agree
we could blow away in some of the winds that must sweep across this awesome landscape.


7:05 AM  

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