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when you retire

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Peceli and I were talking about how to best use our free time, not that there is much, what with committee meetings, church functions, family happenings, so I looked up google and came up with one site that made sense.

Except that the last one - going to a TAFE  is problematic with the current Australian government cutting millions off the funding for Tertiary and Further Education courses which means some art courses will go, many women's kind of courses will go.I went to the Gordon over ten years of part-time study including Professional Writing and Editing. A great experience.  TAFE includes school-leavers, second chance students and even older people wanting a kind of creative side to their life.  It's really bad that TAFE is being targetted to save money as institutions such as the Gordon in Geelong which are marvellous places for opportunities to study cheaply.

"You cannot rest from travel- you have drunk life to the lees. All times you have enjoyed greatly, suffered greatly, both with those who loved you, and alone... How dull it is to pause, to make an end, to rust unburnish'd, not to shine in use!"  - excerpt from the poem Ulysses by Lord Alfred Tennyson.

Write it down! . this will be "100 things to do after I retire" list. Many times we forget to record our desires, and so end up forgetting them. 
Pursue your passions: Paint sunsets, sculpt , sing, learn Tai Chi, study environmental law, buy a telescope and explore the skies.Read books on your interests, explore hitherto unexplored genres like Science Fiction or Romantic. Read on different topics like Gardening or Politics..
Travel to those oft-desired places , which you used to dream about. Have you tasted the chocolate of Switzerland, drunk the wine of Burgundy, and undulated at the nature-based health resorts in India? Have you fished at Florida?Experience Nature: Walk leafy paths , watch the moon, feel the wind on your face. Meditate on the sun-soaked grass.6If you follow a religion: Devote your time to it, proselytize others and spread your religion.Have fun with you little ones: Your grandchildren will be your afterlife to you after retirement- you'll live through them. It is worth taking out some of your valuable time for playing with them, watching them grow, helping them learn. Take proper health care: Some of your time may be spent at the cardiologist or the podiatrist, depending on how healthy you are. Look after yourself. Join special groups meant for your age group: You'll find many people there passing through similar experiences. If you have problems they will provide you with support, and guidance. Subscribe to a magazine for the elderly: Such magazine exist and are targeted at you. Take advantage of them. Clear up the slate: It is best to resolve any misunderstandings, or resentments that might exist in others. You don't want to die being misunderstood.1Write an autobiography: With your long years of experience, you will surely have a lot to share which will be immensely helpful to others. Even if you feel you have nothing to share, just start writing one, and you'll be surprised at how freely the words will flow. Go to a TAFE. TAFE Certs II to IV & Diplomas. Enrolment available all year round.


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