Friday, August 24, 2012

While you were sleeping, well - resting

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I sat in the medical waiting room the other day for nearly three hours as my lovely man did some tests. I had fasted 12 hours earlier to keep him company, and now I had my sketchbook out because I knew the blood tests every hour would be exasperating. I did go for a walk to Maccas  nearby - to the restroom,  not to buy breakfast, and did a quick sketch at the lights of the view of rooftops. Here is the result  -  three pictures, the original is the one with pink. And by the way, the medical results were good, better than my rather stolid drawing from Ryrie Street.

And then later I added colour to some earlier sketches - one was overlooking the Werribee River at Myrniong and the others the shoreline at Point Lonsdale.


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