Tuesday, July 03, 2012

New Breakwater bridge

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It was opened for business over a month ago and we've driven over it a few times - very neat, smooth, only one lane each way though, and certainly eases the traffic between Belmont and our side of town. Not my photos this time though we've taken several as the bridge was in progress.  From the Addie: Nearly two years in the building, the 1km long Breakwater Rd starts at the Barwon Heads Rd intersection and links directly to Fellmongers Rd in Breakwater and includes a 60m span across the Barwon River.
It also features a pedestrian path on the north side of the bridge and dedicated bike lanes in both directions.
One problem with the old bridge was that fairly often a truck would get stuck under the bridge because the driver didn't expect it to be so short!


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