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About twenty minutes ago, members of the family started yelling in the lounge room, rushing into the house from their various bungalows and garage rooms and even a caravan shook. Walls, beds shaking. The second earthquake in four days.  Looked up Age breaking news - it's in Melbourne too and even hundreds of kilometres away. Then in facebook and twitter of course.  Peceli and I were just about to pray, and then it all happened!  So we make a cup of coffee instead.

Later - next morning the Herald Sun wrote it up in a sensational way - and they say it was the worst in 109 years. The epicentre apparently was in the Moe area in Gippsland, but felt over a wide area even southern NSW.  The worry now is that it could happen again and be worse. Fortunately there have been no stories of people being hurt - so far.

VICTORIA has been shaken by its largest 
earthquake in more than a century.
Earthquake Morwell
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Millions across the state felt the tremor, which had an epicentre 16km south-west of
 Moe, at theLatrobe Valley in Victoria's east.The magnitude 5.3 earthquake shook homes, cracked windows and walls, and threw residents from their chairs.
The quake struck at 8.53pm and lasted for 30 seconds, Geoscience Australia spokesman Chris Thompson said.

Up to four aftershocks have been felt surrounding the earthquake's epicentre, he said.
''We've had reports from central Melbourne and as far as right up the top of the state. Most people would have felt it,'' Mr Thompson said.
Initial estimates put the quake as high as magnitude 5.5, but Geoscience Australia revised its final calculation to 5.3.
“We’ve studied the quake in depth and we’re very sure,” he said.
Seismology Research Centre spokesman Adam Pascale said the quake was almost as strong as the magnitude 5.6 quake that killed one person in Newcastle in 1989.
But he said it had not caused the same level of damage because its epicentre was in a less populated area.
"We haven’t felt something like this in Melbourne for a very long time," he said.


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