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Why an earthquake here?

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It's possible that fracking is the cause of the earthquake centred on Moe area because that's where the coal seeking companies have been busy.  Fracking in other parts of the world has been related to earthquakes where there were never earthquakes before.  Here is what I found on the web:

What’s happening in Victoria?
Until now Queensland and NSW have borne the brunt of fracking activities (predominately CSG) in Australia. Previously operations in Victoria have been on a very small scale but a massive expansion is imminent. Melbourne sits between two major gas basins. To the East the gas basin extends right throughout Gippsland and to the West the Otway Basin extends all the way to the South Australian border.

The Victorian Baillieu Government has effectively given the green light for mining corporations to explore and exploit vast tracks of land throughout the state. Three exploration licenses have been approved where the sole purpose of exploration is Coal Seam Gas fracking (an additional license was approved and later withdrawn), with a further 3 pending approval. There are an additional 26 licenses, either approved or pending approval, where CSG is one of the commodities being surveyed. Collectively, these licenses cover an enormous chunk of the state, affecting hundreds of different communities, vast areas of prime farmland and precious ecosystems.
The companies involved have an appalling track record when it comes to protecting local communities and the land from potentially devastating consequences.
Where are they doing it?
Western Victoria: Exploration License (EL)5082 (approximately 94km North-West of Warrnambool -1 130km²)-Leichhardt Resources Pty Ltd, EL5298, EL5297, EL5299 (Bordering SA) (All Pending)- Mercus Resources Pty Ltd, EL5294(Pending) (3km West of Sunbury)-Mantle Mining Corporation Ltd, Coal Bed Methane, Coal (Brown or Black) [Coal to liquids potential; underground coal gasification potential], EL5323,EL5324,EL5325 (All Pending?)(Bacchus Marsh)-Mantle Mining Corporation Ltd
East Gippsland: EL4416 (3 700km²)-Ignite Energy Resources Pty Ltd, Greenpower Natural Gas Pty Ltd [underground coal gasification potential], EL5333, EL 5334, PRL 2- Commonwealth Mining (Lakes Oil)[Details here],
Central Gippsland: EL5336 (Strezleckis, northern slopes-Pending)-Mantle Mining Corporation Ltd, EL4877 (Six Sites: 1 South of Trafalgar, 2 South of Gormondale)- Sawells Pty Ltd, EL5210 (North of Trafalgar)-Resolve Geo Pty Ltd, EL5320(Drouin to Warragul –Pending)-ECI Pty Ltd (exclusively CSG)- [Information available here], EL5275(Eastern Strezleckis, Wellington-Pending)-ECI Pty Ltd (exclusively CSG)
Gippsland Plains: EL 5394(Toongabbie and Cowwarr area) Commonwealth Mining Pty Ltd (Lakes Oil), CSG [Check here for details], EL4860 (Immediately South of EL5394)-Sawells Pty Ltd,
West Gippsland:), EL4681-Monash Energy Coal Ltd, EL5227 (covers Ellinbank to Darnam)-Greenpower Natural Gas Pty Ltd, EL4500 (covers Lang Lang area as well as other sites in South and West Gipsland)-Greenpower Natural Gas Pty Ltd
South Gippsland: EL 5416- Leichhardt Resources Pty Ltd [Check here for further information], EL5322 (Pending)-ECI Pty Ltd, EL5081(Fish Creek to Meeniyan)-Leichardt Resources Pty Ltd, EL5170 (Pending)-Latrobe Fuels Ltd, EL5180 (Bass to Kilcunda)–Seamair Pty Ltd, EL5212 (Port Welshpool)-Resolve Geo Pty Ltd, EL5229 (West of Yarram-Pending)-Wassylko, Stanislaw, EL5270 (Leogatha and Korumburra)-Clean Global Energy Ltd, EL5274 (Between Foster and Mirboo North-Pending)-ECI International Pty Ltd (exclusively CSG), EL5276 (U-shaped, covering South of Poowong, North of Korumburra and East of Leongatha)-ECI International Pty Ltd (exclusively CSG), EL5281-Seamiar Pty Ltd, EL5321 (Poowong area – Pending) – ECI International Pty Ltd (exclusively CSG), EL5322 (Pending)- ECI International Pty Ltd (exclusively CSG), EL5333 (South West of Sale, North of Foster – Pending)-Commonwealth Mining Pty Ltd [more info – http://www.melbourne.foe.org.au/?q=node/1115, EL5337(Thorpdale, almost to Mirboo North-Pending)- Mantle Mining Corporation Ltd, EL5338 (Mirboo North-Pending)- Mantle Mining Corporation Ltd,
EL5308-Wassylko, Stanislaw, EL5203-Oscar Mining Pty Ltd, EL5268-BTB Mining Pty Ltd, EL5271-Gold of Ophir Pty Ltd, EL5308-Wassylko, Stanislaw


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That's a really good question and one which I was looking into when I found your page. I think we need to paying to attention as fracking activities have been linked with earthquakes. A recent UK study found two earthquakes that occurred in Blackpool were caused by fracking fluid being disposed of directly into the fault line. With regard to the Melbourne earthquakes, the Geoscience website records three earthquakes on the night of 19/20 June 2012, one just after midnight Sydney time. They occurred at exact same coordinates -38.304, 146.200, which is 2.5kms southeast of Thorpdale. This is within the Mantle Mining exploration lease area (granted 2011), and well within the 6km radius of Thorpdale that it identified as the focus of its operations. http://www.mantlemining.com/files/announcements/935881.pdf
At least eight coal mines operated within this 6km radius between 1940 and 1960, and Mantle Mining Mantle has targeted these historic brown and black coal sites for seam extensions, and to define new black coal deposits.

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