Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Salt and aluminium in Moolap

from w Our part of town is east of the centre of Geelong so Moolap is next to Newcomb with two prominent industrial sites, the salt pans of Cheetham and the Alcoa aluminium plant. Apparently Cheetham is changing - closing - and the land may be used for other purposes though it's very low lying - and currently all divided up into hundreds of salt 'paddocks'. Alcoa may be in trouble with jobs lost, they say - partly because of the government policy on carbon. It's a huge industry so that would really affect families. Yesterday it was dull and cool but we took a drive past the saltpans to the Alcoa area and did some sketching. It's not a pretty beach but Alcoa have tried to tidy it up with stones and fences and grass. Once upon a time, in the very early days of European settlement in Geelong, the boats used to come to Point Henry as the water is very deep, so people who landed must have just wondered where they were.


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