Monday, April 02, 2012

Weekend in Colac

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Friday afternoon we drove to Colac for two and a half days of pastoral visiting and church with the Uniting Church there. The hospitality was marvellous and we stayed with a gorgeous woman, Ruth, on a hilltop house overlooking the countryside with lakes in the distance. We visited a neighbour, Flo, who has a collection of....8000 dolls. Amazing! On Saturday we visited several elderly women in their homes who had great stories to tell, sometimes sad, often funny, but full of wisdom. Their homes and gardens are so tidy and full of interesting mementos, sculptures, photos, artwork.

Sunday was church at 10 - Palm Sunday with a good roll-up. Afterwards about 15 of us went to Victor's Chinese restaurant for a banquet lunch. The old Post Office is heritage listed so Victor isn't allowed to put a sign for his restaurant outside! Yet tourists to Colac ought to know how nice it is inside and the food is splendid. Altogether it was a super weekend and we came back to Geelong Sunday afternoon. The pet rabbit was looking forward to some celery and carrots though I'm sure the family kept Izzie and Ozzie well looked after. We go back to Colac on Thursday afternoon for the Good Friday service.



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