Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Visiting Van Loon's Nursery

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Once again our Uniting Church Fellowship had a visit to Van Loon's for lunch and a wander around their wonderful nursery in Wallington, about fifteen minutes drive from Geelong. We went by a small bus - thank you JB - and there was plenty of chatter. Fortunately the day was fine after all the unsettled weather. When we reached there a lady came up to me and said she would be joining our lot soon, then she related that she is moving into a nursing home next week! Hey, not yet, not yet!

I did only one drawing but took plenty of photos so some of them are posted here - not many of plants, mainly pots and objects for sale to enhance gardens, too expensive for me, though I would love to have a Japanese type garden (and house) instead of the clutter and mayhem that seems to be the way these days.



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