Monday, February 13, 2012

Barwon Park and rabbits

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On the way back to Geelong on Sunday afternoon we took the left turn after Winchelsea to visit the grand mansion of Barwon Park, once a rich squatter's house. It's a Heritage building owned now by the government and kept very nice with antiques and shows us how the class system once worked in Australia, the superb large rooms and the tiny servant's roomlets! But this story is about rabbits. The Austins thought that importing a dozen pairs of rabbits would be good for friends to shoot at, but over time those rabbits multiplied to become millions and millions and they became a pest. People used to eat them a lot until the myxo killed most off, but they are out and about again. Brown rabbits live in our local cemetery and I don't want our pet dwarf nederland lop going near them! Anyway at Barwon Park here and there are cute toy rabbits as a reminder of Austin's folly. Of course we must also remember that Mrs Austin was a fine philanthropist and gave money to start a hospital in Melbourne - called of course the Austin.

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Has everyone forgotten that rabbits first came to Australia on the convict ships way before Thomas Austin bought out his pairs along with the other animals he and the Chirnsides of Werribee Park bought out to Australia for hunting purposes. Thomas Austin is not responsible for bringing rabbits to Australia, just adding the the rabbit population Liane HJ

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