Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Werribee cliffs and erosion

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Recently we were at the K Road cliffs above the Werribee River, taking photos, making sketches, and after checking the photos I realized how dangerous the erosion is and people should not cross over the fence, no matter how inviting the view is. There is serious erosion and slips could occur. One government website warned about this:

This site is the best natural section of the thick alluvial deposits that characterise the agricultural area southeast of Werribee. It is an outstanding record of the Late Quaternary history of the Werribee River. The meandering course and the alluvial island add to the interest of the site.

Class 1. If it is considered that engineering works are necessary to reduce the hazard river erosion may pose to K Road, the works should attempt to maintain the integrity of the steepest sections near the golf clubhouse. It would be preferable to divert the river course, by shortening the meander, rather than regrading or walling the river banks. The unmade public road south of K Road along the river bank is an unnecessary risk, and should either be closed or relocated away from the cliff edge and improved. Dredging or other interference with the channel island should not be permitted.

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