Monday, August 08, 2011

Connewarre Lake

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Occasionally we go for a drive down a road never explored by us before. The other day we drove towards Connewarre Lake from the Leopold side past farms with huge pine trees, tenderly nurtured gardens, green fields. The lake was still and serene and the council had made some kind of carpark but really the place could be landscaped and be an excellent spot for picnics and for fishing - instead of pouring money into the CBD of Geelong with its empty shops and junk for sale on most streets.

Lake Connewarre was once the place for Aboriginal settlements as there were fish, mussels, birds, plenty of food resources. Alas, along came the settlers two hundred years ago who took the land away from them, and for much of the edge of Lake Connewarre there is no access for the general public.



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