Sunday, September 26, 2010

Melbourne is in Geelong - right?

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Peceli noticed these extraordinary signs coming up around Geelong, identifying OUR CITY as Melbourne - all to do with a world-class bike race which will disrupt us all for a week. Take note anyone trying to move around Geelong, even Melbourne to Geelong in the next few days.The local Addie ran this today.
Geelong is now in Melbourne, apparently

Carl Dickens | September 27th, 2010
IS THIS RIGHT? Melbourne signs run along Barrabool Rd.

GEELONG residents could be forgiven for thinking they had woken up in Melbourne yesterday.

As promotional signs were installed along the UCI Road World Championships course at Barrabool Rd, Melbourne and Victoria were heavily promoted, but Geelong was notably snubbed.

Ceres resident Jason Whitcomb branded the signage "misleading and disrespectful", saying it gave international viewers an inaccurate representation of the host city.

"It'd make more sense to have City of Greater Geelong signage up, if this (event) is here, why should Melbourne get all the credit," he said.
And another thing - cyclists watch out for the magpies along Barrabool Road. You need to paint eyes on top of your helmets to frighten them off. This has nothing to do with those other magpies - the Collingwood supporters - their team couldn't even beat St Kilda!

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