Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ten years to write a haiku

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Listening to the ABC Poetica on the radio this afternoon which was about haikus, (three liners and usual a syllabic form such as 5,3,5.), a speaker said he edited one haiku ten years after the first draft! Anyway I scribbled a few ideas here as stories in three lines, barely haikus which are supposed to include nature.

Train Station

Grandmother distracted
wheels turn
a scream but only scratches

Nursing Home

Winter calls
leaves wrinkle
his wheelchair locks

Outside a Dandenong Church

Yesterday's news
flutter and fall
on a stone labyrinth

Turtle story

Lady Nakalo
swims awesome strokes
to the beach of her birth.

I tried to write on on the last episode of 'Lost' but I got into a hopeless muddle!

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