Sunday, March 07, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring

photo by Faith Dove, in Age link.
picture from Herald Sun newspaper.
from w
God sends the rain on the just and the unjust. Okay, it's been a wild weekend and rather bizarre considering that we've been through drought conditions. It's early autumn now. Stormy weather, so the song goes. Anyway, Peceli dug up the garden when there was a spell, took tired dry plants from pots and put them into fresh soil in the garden. We are still picking large pumpkins and sweet tasting tomatoes but most ofthe vegetables have seen better days.

Our back yard in Geelong is awash this morning from the weekend heavy rain, but we didn’t get a hailstorm as they did in Melbourne with hail stones as big as tennis balls, and a waterfall at Southern Cross Station. Even the Casino was evacuated, (now that is a miracle), races and footie off, and what a joke, Moomba (meaning let’s get together and have fun – let’s get together and have a rain bath) festival on in Melbourne. V/Line commuters were in big trouble trying to catch trains when commuters were send out of Southern Cross station and there was chaos on the roads which became rivers. And weddings went on as usual on a Saturday, but one shiny black limousine got into trouble turning at Kensington, a friend noticed. About 100,000 homes lost power in Melbourne on Saturday, while major infrastructure was damaged including Docklands Stadium, the Arts Centre and Southern Cross Railway Station.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Kevin Parkyn said "It could potentially be the largest hail storm event in Melbourne's recorded history with up to 10cm of hail falling in some areas"

And now, Monday morning (and it’s a public holiday for Labour Day) it’s still raining on and off. And all of this after drought conditions. MORE than 45mm of rain fell on Geelong at the weekend but the region dodged the destruction seen in Melbourne, Saturday, when 37.4mm fell at Geelong Airport in just a few hours.

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Blogger annie said...

What a strange photo. Sad for so many--I hate to see people lose electricity. I do hope the rain you did get will help the drought for a few days. Our big skies in Texas dry up the rains so quickly when we do get them.


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