Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thinking about Lent

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It's extremely hot and humid today - maybe 33 but feels worse. I'm back to the church office this morning as the back is getting stronger. So we were thinking about Lent programs, and I wanted to do some collages using the give-away magazine in the Age today. Not sure if one is of a ladder or a road but the idea is a journey of some kind. Another was accidental, the shapes resembled women totally covered so it could be Weeping women or something about the way women are confined in some societies. The little white bits were left when I trimmed the page from a spiral bound sketch book so I thought they resembled birds. I was listening to the ABC classical music station and Leontyne Price was singing Ave Maria so one picture of a modern girl seemed suitable as a young Mary. I'm going back to childhood I think as I used to cut and paste from the Women's Weekly many years ago!

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