Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fiji Geelong Friendship Club

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Yesterday the Fiji Geelong Friendship Club had a farewell party for two of our members who are leaving us to go up and live in Queensland. Sad to see them go but that's life, coming and going of friends. We met in the home of Ninietta and Joe Cordone for a lovely afternoon of kava drinking, singing songs of the islands with guitars and a ukelele, telling stories and having a delicious meal which included a barbecue. We will miss the friendship of Ken and Selai very much. Here are a few photos of folk who were there. I was dosed up with a painkiller tablet wkhich made me sleepy but I managed five hours of partying. Our club has been going now for nearly twenty-eight years and started about the same time as the Pako Festa, Geelong's annual ethnic festival. We do have a website but haven't updated it for years because Billy of Bombay (Mumbai) offered to update it, changed the password then disappeared. Guess we have to somehow get another password. Our group meets on every second Friday evening and at other times for kava, meals, sharing with one another, helping people out in various ways.

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