Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Street Faces in Geelong

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A project of Diversitat and others, there will be eighteen very large photos of Geelong people up on the walls of buildings around Geelong by Friday this week. I took part in a workshop and my photo of Peceli is one of the 18 out of 2000 so that's lucky. Peceli's face - 2 metres by 3 and a half metres - will adorn an outside wall of the Geelong library for a couple of weeks. We will go to the launch party on Friday night so that will be fun to meet with the other 'lucky' faces. Go to further information.

Of course the annual Pako Festa will be on Saturday February 27th and there's plenty of information on the Pako Festa website. A Fijian dance group will be coming down from Melbourne to go in the parade and to dance on the stage at West Park in the afternoon. Our Fiji Geelong Friendship Club have participated in Pako for at least twenty years.

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