Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recycling music and Saint Saens

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Yesterday I was listening to the radio - not ABC this time but Radio Magic, and they played the 1970s reggae 'If I had the words' which has only four lines of text so it was repeated a dozen times. It's a great song with words that might suit Valentine's Day (though I think it's better to love a turtle than all that stuff about roses and moonlight!) Of course this music didn't start in the 70s but came from the final movement of a symphony by Camille Saint Saens, Symphony No 3 in C minor, Opus 78, a very loud section that shakes the roof off. I expect the writers of the new song got permission from the copyright holders or else it had run out! Would Saint Saens approve I wonder! The score of the symphony is on-line if you want to find the section Maestoso. It's a link from the wikipaedia notes on Saint Saens Organ Symphony. Go to and of course the tune is recognizable to those who saw the movie 'Babe' where it was the background music when the little pig was going to the slaughter-house! The music below includes a page from a 1997 song-book for schools. So music is recycled, happily it seems. I play - or rather - play freely - never the real notes- the reggae version occasionally during church worship and recently at a funeral where I was surprised when a gentleman came up afterwards and said thank you for the Saint Saens!

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