Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When a person goes missing

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On the news for a few days is the story of a businessman who left Tullamarine airport almost a week ago and just disappeared. Then his car turns up in a lane near a river in the Ballan area, then a sighting in a General Store in the small town of Gordon, and now a sighting in Geelong! What did happen? Why do people go missing - of their own accord, or something more sinister? There must be a heap of stress in the lives of many people today to make them want to have time out. Certainly a place to have 'time out' could be the Ballan area as it is quite beautiful around there - picturesque - they made that children's film Charlotte's Web near Ballan.

Missing Herman Rockefeller reported in Newtown supermarket
Jeff Whalley
January 27th, 2010
POLICE believe missing millionaire and former Geelong man Herman Rockefeller is alive amidst reports he has been sighted in Newtown.

Mr Rockefeller has been missing since Thursday and on Monday police found his car on the Ballan-Daylesford Rd at Ballan near an abandoned homestead next to a riverbank.3AW this morning reported that Mr Rockefeller was sighted at a Newtown supermarket on Sunday night.

The father of two grew up in Newtown, was a dux of Geelong College and still has family living in the suburb.

The radio statio reported that police believed Mr Rockefeller is alive and asked for him to contact them. They are viewing the sighting of the missing millionaire as credible.

Reports also had the owner of the Gordon General store, near Ballan, saying he may have been in her shop on Monday morning and again that afternoon.The store is about nine kilometres away from where his car was found.

His brother Charles on Monday spoke to the Advertiser:``My brother loves life and he loves the Geelong football team. He tries to get down to most Geelong football games.''
added on Friday Jan 29
The police investigations have now taken a different turn and they now consider the possibility of foul play. Perhaps the media, bloggers, and facebook writers have been wrong in assuming that the man had just wanted a few quiet days.
Saturday: The curiosity of a mystery led to many red herrings as none of the sightings were accurate. Two people from Melbourne have now been charged with the murder of Herman Rockefeller. It is unimaginable how dreadful his family must be feeling now.



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