Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sketching lately while computer is at repairs

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Three days without a computer was difficult as I wanted to read emails, etc. Had to have a quick look on another computer. So while watching the tennis (Melbourne) I did three pictures with biro, pencil and coloured pencils. One is of rocks and hills, another Vorovoro Island in Fiji, the third a ti-tree at Peceli's golf course, Barwon Valley where we had dinner on Friday night to escape the heat in our own house without airconditioning. I had taken only one photo of the bent tree and used that as an aid to the drawing.

It's been sad lately with two funerals at our Uniting Church, within a fortnight - a young woman in her 30s who had that awful illness, and today a lovely gentleman, Derrick Chapple, who was 101. A charming man who did superb cartoon sketches to go with true stories from everyday life. He had been a Primary School teacher and when he retired two years earlier than expected, they said he had to retire because he wouldn't last long with problem ears and eyes. That was 45 years ago! The music at the two funerals couldn't have been more different - because of the different ages - one a pop song was played, the other a love song of the 40s.



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