Thursday, January 14, 2010

Taking photographs of faces

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Do you like people taking photos of your face, close-up, really close-up, like six inches away? Well, there's an art project going on in Geelong related to the annual Pako Festa in February, to create thirty to forty portraits of Geelong people, in their variety, to put up on buildings around the city and each photo will be several metres tall! On Wednesday one of the workshops for this project took place at Geelong West Park where it was cool and breezy. While we were waiting I took one photo of a mother and daughters in Spanish costume. Later a teacher showed us how to take interesting portraits and we all had a go with our own or borrowed cameras. I later sent eight photos to one of the project officers but maybe none of them will make the final cut. Background bits and pieces intrude, a face is a little out of focus, the pic is boring like a passport photo, etc. I"m not posting my eight pics as they are assigned for the project but just putting some pics up as examples. The community art project is called 'Many Faces' and later on the best pictures will be on some Geelong websites but mainly the focus is on the huge portraits to be placed on buildings around Geelong. One of the guys took my pic but I really do not want my mug up there on the Post Office wall, metres high!

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