Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A tug and war about a bridge

sletch of old bridge before the new development and the imagined plan
starting to built the second bridgeTwo bridges not too far awayfrom w
The locals protested strongly against the plan to demolish the old familiar bridge but the councils declared it would be unsafe for future traffic so they've come up with a crazy solution as I mentioned in the earlier posting today. Barwon Heads is a delightful small seaside town built alongside an estuary so there are several swimming spots - in the river, and on the ocean.

This is what the powers-that-be have decided to do:
Barwon Heads Bridge – reconstruction project
Work to reconstruct the historic Barwon Heads Bridge started earlier this year and will make sure it retains its iconic status well into the future. The project is being done in three stages and involves rebuilding the existing road bridge as well as building a new, safer pedestrian bridge.

The reconstructed road bridge will feature the heritage character of the existing landmark while making sure it meets the necessary safety and load bearing requirements to be able to continue carrying traffic. The pedestrian bridge will be built 10 metres downstream and will improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and anglers.

Progress so far

Work is progressing well, with permanent and temporary works being carried out to plan. A number of structures are now under construction that will be used to build the new bridge. Once completed, the project will restore all access for vehicles between Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.

Temporary works platform

The most visible new structure is the temporary works platform located between the existing bridge and the new downstream pedestrian bridge. This will provide a working platform from which the two permanent bridges can be built. The platform is currently 75 per cent complete and is expected to be finished in early 2010. It will be removed when the two bridges are complete.

New pedestrian bridge

While the second stage of the main road bridge is being built in early 2010, the downstream pedestrian bridge will carry Barwon Heads bound traffic. Initially the new pedestrian bridge won’t have timber cladding applied, this will be added next year. Once the road bridge is finished in late 2010, traffic will be relocated onto it, and the pedestrian bridge will be finished, including the installation of the timber decking.

Road bridge

Works to replace the existing road bridge have started with the construction of a new lane on the downstream side of the existing bridge. This lane will carry traffic travelling towards Ocean Grove and a temporary pedestrian walkway while the upstream side is being rebuilt. Replacement water and sewer lines will be installed under the new downstream lane and will be connected before the existing structure is dismantled.



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