Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Donation in Kind Christmas barbecue

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Yesterday we went out to the Donation in Kind depot at North Geelong for some more book sorting, gardening, and then a barbecue for about forty volunteers. We had all worked together during the year mainly on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings receiving computers, furniture, books, clothes, medical equipment, kitchenware, even a truck, to send on to South Pacific or South East Asian destinations, mainly for hospitals and schools. So the barbecue was a wind-up Christmas treat, though our work in never done as more truckloads of books etc. arrived again today! Donation in Kind is a Rotary organisation but many of our volunteers are not in the Rotary clubs but others who want to do something useful for the community. Some are retired professors from the university, others former managers of big businesses, some retired clergy, all sorts.



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