Monday, November 30, 2009

Farewell Cam

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This morning was a sad farewell for one of our elderly gentlemen from East Geelong Uniting Church. Cam was a beloved member of our faith community, a laughing, smiling delightful man who was interested in people, all kinds of people and really meant it when he said, 'How are you going?' I played the music - some hymns on the organ, some Mozart and Saint Saen on the piano. It was a good but tearful send-off for this man who reached the age of 89. During the war Cam was a prisoner-of-war in Changi, later a farmer, a missionary in Korea with a sheep farm, a parent in a boys' home and a pastor, a friend of the local Aboriginal people, everyone he knew. Peceli and I visited him four weeks ago when he phoned to give us a box of his books.
I took photos of the people in the hall after the memorial service as they shared in refreshments, mostly people known to us, but some coming a long way today.

We have a very good 'tea' ministry, not only for church members but in association with a nearby funeral director. It's not fund-raising but is a kind of pastoral ministry providing a lovely supply of food for the guests. Today my offering (as I don't really like cooking) was a large platter of kiwi fruit, melon, strawberries, cantelope and watermelon.

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