Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Fiji-Indian wedding in Melbourne

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Last night was a fun evening at Williamstown Town Hall where Peceli officiated at a Christian blessing on the marriage of Saj and Katherine, a lovely young couple who originally came from Fiji, Katherine's family several years ago, and Saj, more recently. The formal ceremony went went with the audience absolutely quiet and respectful. About 300 people were there, mainly people with connections to Fiji with the women dressed beautifully in saris and embroidered clothes. The entertainment included dances by a Fijian group that Peceli arranged and some Indian dances and drumming from a group from Russia! A Fijian singer, Tecove, sang several Christian songs early in the evening. Here are a few photos and others are on the babasiga blog. I had difficulty taking good photos because the hall was lit mainly by candles and also I didn't like to intrude upon formal moments or get in the way of people seeing.

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