Monday, November 02, 2009

Torquay with a box of pastels

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This afternoon we drove down to Torquay/Jan Juc - about 25 minutes from Geelong. It's a lovely neat town with three or four beaches and Spring Creek. Shops are modern and it's got the feel of a tourist town, bright, shiny, with street signs shaped like waves. Well, there is Bell's Beach you know! We first of all looked down over the surf beach, then sat near Spring Creek, then had drinks at a Chinese noodle shop owned by a middle-aged couple from Beijing. It was a pleasant afternoon, but it would be good to go back there and wander more slowly. The use of oil pastels made it a rush job. This seaside town has about 10,000 people I suspect and the price of houses is really high these days - such as a million plus!

And three pictures - photos taken by other people at Torquay - one I changed a bit. It certainly is a beautiful place.

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