Sunday, September 20, 2009

The cats are purring in Geelong

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With Geelong winning their match superbly in the semi-final, it's now our hope that they won't choke in the Grand Final next weekend. The whole town is buzzing and optimistic with the demolition of Collingwood on Saturday, though of course there are a few people out of 250,000 who might not be interested in football or even care if the Geelong Cats win or lose. Their song is a tune from 'Carmen' but the footie guys do not sing it in an operatic style! The AFL - now national, was once a Victoria only Australian Rules Football. I don't go to matches but occasionally watch highlights on the TV but when our boys were young they all played Aussie Rules footie and that's the way to go. Join in sports, rather than watch it.



Blogger Penny said...

It was a good game and they deserved to win, looking at the way St Kilda played they should beat them but with football who knows!
We leave tomorrow week, so time is racing past me.

1:26 AM  

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