Saturday, August 08, 2009

The saga of Samantha the koala

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Unfortunately many female koalas in Australia become ill with chlamydia and this has happened to the world-famous koala, Sam, who was rescued in the bushfires six months ago and photos of her drinking from David Tree's water bottle was sent around the world. However there is a bizarre twist that I think is rather unnecessary. Australia's most loved koala will be stuffed and displayed in the Melbourne Museum! What are they thinking! Can't they bury her body in the forest...

from a newsite: Sam's bushfire injuries had healed but the four-year-old animal was put down on Thursday during major surgery to remove cysts associated with chlamydia, a life-threatening disease that causes cervical infection and has ravaged Victoria's koala population. Victorian Premier John Brumby confirmed on Friday that Sam's carers had accepted an offer by the museum to preserve and display the koala to the public, News Ltd newspapers report.




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