Sunday, July 26, 2009

Going to a Fijian church in Melbourne

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This is a continuation of a post in babasiga blog. Peceli and I took photos yesterday at the Coburg Uniting Church in Melbourne at a combined service for Fijian migrants. I went out with the fifty Sunday School children where two young Fijians led games etc. Young mothers and babies joined us and I mainly looked after a shy little kid who wouldn't join in. Meanwhile next door the worship was in full swing, marvellous voice, and a kind of unison praying in the Tongan manner, hearts heavy with the reality of the Fiji Methodist Church in big trouble with the military regime and the on-off-on-off conference planned for August. The Fijian communities in Australia plan to raise over $150,000 as a gift to the Methodist Church in Fiji, intended for a ceremony to close the conference but heaven only knows how the 300,000Methodists in Fiji will manage their annual meeting tasks this year! About eight leaders were arrested last week and four charged with disobeying the emergency regulations! A high female chief was arrested at midnight in her home by 16 men as well for her message on-line that the Conference is still on!

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Blogger Steve Hodges said...

Hi Wendy, Its Christine Kennards son & I saw your conversation about teaching piano at the Kennard girls house tamavua, my mum would love to get in contact with old fiji friends, please reply.

Steve (Christines son)

2:08 PM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Steve,
well, that is a surprise. Where do you live and where is Christine now? Also Barbara? Are you all in Australia? Certainly we would love to make contact again with the girls (now grandmothers?)
Wendy and Peceli

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Irene said...

hi Wendy its Irene from Werribee!! How have you all been ? Well I'm hoping. I just wanted to say hi and thank- ypu for your bloggs into our melbourne fijian community.. I've been a bit out of sorts since dad passing away not long after the wedding. By the way thank you for your blogg bout my wedding too that was wonderful !
I'd love to visit with my girls Jasmin ans Shakoda when ever you have time.soon I hope, would love your help and insight on a big project for melbourne fijian youth..
Take care say Bulla to Tulla ,Tulla and see you soon Yeah !!

7:24 AM  

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