Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More orchids

from w
Though some of you will think if quite wrong to mess about with a photo of orchids, well, I am having a go at making new shapes, textures, etc. Now that the camera is gone to Fiji, I'll have to go back to doing direct sketches for a few weeks I suppose! Today has been very restful after the last three hectic days. Only a casserole luncheon with a group of women, then visiting my friend up the road for a talanoa. (yarn). Later I'll write up something on the Babasiga blog about our splendid theological lecturer from last night's program at East Geelong Uniting Church.

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Blogger annie said...

So lovely, Wendy. Why do people worry when one makes sketches of photos? And here your touch is very clearly your own style and delicate.

2:13 PM  

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