Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A beautiful surprise

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When I checked the untidy greenhouse I was surprised to see that two of the orchids had flowered despite my neglect. Perhaps orchids do not need us to be attentive! I brought one of the plants inside so that I could see it each day. Anyway I took some photos quickly because Peceli was packing for his trip to Fiji and wanted 'my' camera. One of the photos is from Peceli. I might do a still life painting as now I have more time.

Yesterday was chaotic with twenty tasks to do before we drove to Tullamarine airport. Peceli had intended going to Fiji for the Methodist Conference (that is not a conference - banned by the regime) in two weeks time, but there was a family bereavement in Nadi, Fiji, so he booked a ticket on Monday and flew out Air Pacific last night. Our niece's husband Balebale has passed away so all the clan are gathering for the funeral tomorrow. Very sad time.



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