Monday, July 20, 2009

This old house

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There's a tumbledown house on the road the Bannockburn, and another nearby, that makes one want to ask what is the story there. Why weren't they pulled down and the land tidied up? Did the farmer just walk away for some reason? I took a photo there yesterday on the way back from a trip to the little town of Rokewood to attend a friend's mum's funeral. These small towns are so different to cities - plenty of space, lovely rows of pine trees, twisty gum trees, some with picturesque hillsides like Teesdale and Shellford and the people in the cafes actually talk to you! (Click on any picture to see enlarged.)

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Blogger annie said...

I especially like the one in sepia because it holds the feeling of something old timey, going back in time, I mean. I love old buildings but I want someone to put them back together and make a home in them, again. I've seen so many little towns like this in my life, and, as you say, there is always a friendliness there, to treasure.

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