Friday, May 08, 2009

A Rotary Art Exhibition

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We've come back home after the Grovedale Rotary Art Exhibition opening night to raise funds for a hydrotherapy pool for special needs children. The speaker explained to us the need for such a pool. I think about 24 paintings were sold quickly out of over sixty so that is very good. The paintings and prints are all by men and women whose names are in the art books and catalogues, not people like Peceli and me though some of our work has been accepted for an exhibition in Melbourne - so there! I'm just putting some photos onto files so here are some of them. In one of them, Peceli is perhaps asking, 'What is it?' and I say 'It's more interesting than a soft landscape of trees in the mist isn't it!'

It was a pleasant evening with nice fingerfood (my contribution yum cha sort of snacks bought from a supermarket and heated up). Though I am not comfortable with chit-chat in a crowded space I was happy to meet with a few people I know, apart from the Grovedale Rotary men and women who are not people born with a silver spoon but people who have worked hard to succeed in their businesses and farms and they are very friendly. Peceli's classification is as a minister of religion and there's another chap there from the Salvation Army. When we were in Hopetoun about 95% of the members were wheat farmers - though the 'rule' in Rotary is to represent a diversity of occupations. At the Art Exhibition they hope to raise several thousand dollars for the project.



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