Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photos from Geelong Waterfront

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While Peceli played 18 holes of golf at Barwon Valley (and won because the excellent players were very confused by the coating of sand on the 'greens') I took a bus to town and walked around the Waterfront. Today was sunny and a beautiful autumn day, not like the bleak weather of the past week. I took several photos of the North sculptures, giant buoys, palm trees, carousel, and bollards, then ran out of camera card space, so I did some pencil sketches. Tourists were about and school groups and while I drew one lady bollard holding seashells, somebody was taking pictures of me as I sketched! I hope they got the best side, but I doubt it! A bollard is a large post made of wood used in piers and around waterfronts and Jan Mitchell (who died last year) made hundreds of beautiful sculptures of Geelong's history. Now there is a Bollards Walk of them all. Her bollards project started with school children many years ago down at Barwon Heads and the original bollards there were of soldiers.

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