Sunday, May 03, 2009

A party at Portarlington

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Saturday night we drove to Portarlington - a seaside town 25 minutes from Geelong for a lovely birthday party for Yvonne, met old friends, and made new friends, and there were plenty of stories to share. Yvonne and Ken have built a new home for retirement, and filled it with their gorgeous paintings, pots and books. It was night so we couldn't see the sea but from their verandah there is a splendid view of the ocean. We talked about the H1N1 flu, Fiji, jazz bands, Rudd's awesome risk with 'our' money in wanting to buy submarines and jet planes, the history of Williamstown, and so on. We had a jazz singer and guitarist as entertainment and some sang along or danced to Summertime, Night and Day, Killing me softly, and other old standards. We were home by midnight though, two oldies driving along on a clear starry night with the moon looking like a watermelon was enough excitement.



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