Monday, August 18, 2008

After sunshine, comes the rain

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Today is Tuesday and the rain has started, just light rain, but I don't want that cough back so I'm laying low in the flat above the gully as the kids in the household do drawings, watch the Olympics, play cards. It is school holidays here so our grand children are having a good time. It is Hibiscus Festival so sometime we'll go down to the ground to find some good local food and the kids can fly about on the ferris wheel, octopus, etc. I'm not doing much sketching and Peceli is coming and going to Methodist gigs - yesterday the 100th birthday of Davuilevu where he was a student in the 50s, and the conference meet today. He will try and find a way to get his photos back to me on my son's computer.

The landscape here is gorgeous with flame trees, pink, orange and red bouganvillea, hibiscus trees, coconut palms, pawpaw trees, and when it is fine I'll do some sketches around the Namadi suburb. This is a bit upperclass here with plenty of guard dogs, locked gates, ultra-security, but not for all of us!



Blogger Penny said...

Wendy the word pictures are enough, it sounds lovely, and warm! I could do with some sun.

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